How to select the woodchips for your smoker

There are different types of woodchips used in a smoker, each with its own distinctive flavor on your BBQ. In the past, smoke was mainly used to preserve food. But we have now gone beyond that. Today, it is also used to add flavor to the food. Whether you’re using a Masterbuilt electric smoker or even a charcoal smoker, your woodchip can have a huge impact on the final taste of your meat.

So, how do you select the right woodchip for your smoking task?  To understand which wood is suitable for which food, it’s important to know the different flavor tastes of the most common woodchips we have.


When it comes to versatility among hardwoods, Oak wood is leading the pack. It’s another very popular option for those who want to use hardwood. Oak is not quite overpowering as it produces a mild smoky flavor. It is great with pork, lamb, fish, and beef.


If you’re an inexperience BBQer, it’s better off you stay away from mesquite. It burns hot and fast, which will give you problems with temperature control. But when you master how to use this woodchip, it can add a unique blend of flavor to your food. Mesquite has an earthly robust flavor, and is considered to produce one of the strongest flavors.


Apparently, Hickory is the most common woodchip for BBQ smoking. Its bacon-like, pungent, and smoky flavor makes it a favorite for many BBQ enthusiasts. Although this woodchip can be used for many smoking tasks, it is exceptional for ribs and pork.


Alder is the favorite for smoking salmon. This is because of its sweet undertones and light flavor, which is perfect for smoked fish. Alder is also good with poultry.


Pecan is interchangeable with hickory. If you don’t find Hickory around, your best alternative is Pecan. Like hickory, it yields a woodsy flavor with sweet undertones.


This is another fruit wood that’s mild and slightly smoky. It best works for vegetables, cheese, pork, and chicken.


If you are considering a fruit wood for fruity flavor, apple is your best shot.  It gives off a dense flavor with a light touch of sweetness. Apple is great with pork, chicken, and beef.


Cherry produces mildly sweet flavor and it is great with almost anything you want to smoke.

The above are some of the most popular woodchips you can use on your electric smoker or charcoal smoker. As you master their different flavors, you can combine two or more of them to give you a unique and distinctive taste.

5 delicious foods you didn’t know you could smoke

Okay, you’ve smoked whole chickens, pork shoulder, brisket, ribs, and salmon. But have you tried something different? You don’t have to limit your smoking just to meat. Sometimes it’s good to move slightly out of your comfort zone to experience a new thing. Here are 5 delicious foods you probably didn’t know you could smoke.

Smoked Green Olives

Olives are usually tasty even when prepared alone. But mixing them with a smoky flavor takes them to a whole new dimension.  You can smoke them with them a charcoal smoker or an electric smoker. However, they don’t need too much of heat. So, you should be mindful of the temperature setting. Some of the best electric smokers have automatic temperature control. This will be easier to smoke mild foods like this.

Smoked mustard and ketchup

Ketchup and mustard are the two most common condiments. Imagine adding a light smoky flavor to their already enhanced flavor profile.  After eating this combination, you will probably rate mustard and ketchup better than you currently do.

Smoked Nuts

Whether you hate nuts or adore them, you can’t argue against the fact that they are super foods. They are very popular in BBQ, especially for the veterans. Cashews, walnuts, and pecans can all be smoked. We are sure you’ll love their taste when covered in smoky flavor.

Smoked Fruit

If you are an experienced BBQer, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. But if you’ve not tried smoked fruit, you should seriously consider it. When you smoke fruits low and slow, they yield a sweet and mild smoky flavor that is delightfully unique. You can smoke it side-by-side with any other meat. 

Smoked Ice Cream

Well, this may surprise even the most ardent BBQ enthusiast. When properly smoked, Ice-cream produces an exquisite smoky flavor that is appealing and overpowering. But many people don’t know how to smoke this one. To do it properly, you have to make your own ice-cream from scratch. Then smoke the milk lightly in a much lower temperature of between 1000F and 1200F.

There are several other foods you can smoke to yield a unique and savoring flavor. These include cheese, butter, and vegetables. With the best charcoal smoker or a good electric smoker, you should be able to smoke the above foods properly.

Best way to find the best electric smoker under 150

An electric smoker is one of the extraordinary producers of smoky mouthwatering dishes that everyone in the household will love. While purchasing a smoker there are a few factors to consider like pressure control, heat evaporation facilities, and temperature control. Finding the perfect electric smoker can be quite a challenge especially if you are a beginner. The concept of smoking meat with electric smokers has been simple in comparison to wood and charcoal due to their incomplete combustion and the smoky flavor.

Things you should put into considerations are the limitations, the benefits coming with each of the smokers and checking other buyer’s electric smoker reviews. Due to the endless advertisement of products it has become quite challenging to find what a product you can trust as different manufacturers claim their product is superior. With the help of product review coming from the community, those who have used the product you will come across some of the pros and cons of people’s experience. Reading reviews also saves you the trouble of buying a smoker that will disappoint you at the end of the day, because of you able to get information from real users.

 Parameters of defining a good electric smoker under 150 are the economical cooking option, insulation of the smoker whether it is high. A perfect smoker will be your homestead’s secret to the perfect food outdoors. There is quite a variety ranging under 150$ to choose from, due to the effort made by the smokers manufacturer it can be a bit overwhelming in choosing the best electric smoker.

Some of the best smokers under 150 available include:

  • Masterbuilt model #20078616 bullet smoker it contains a smoking space of 300 square inches which is enough for medium cuts to be smoked. It also comes with a very powerful heating element
  • Vertical smoker – smoke hollow model #26142E, it has a high durability because it is built with heavy steel. It also has a powder coating which enables it to resist rust which corrodes the metal reducing the life span of a smoker.
  • Smoke hollow SH19079518 electric smoker
  • Cuisinart COS-330 electric smoker
  • Landmann MCO 32954 smokey electric smoker, 26”

Are barbecue ribs healthy for everyone?

Barbecues are meals prepared in a process by which meat is cooked by the smoke using an electric smoker or charcoal smoker. Barbecue being a method of cooking, it does not have a much impact on health purpose. There alternatives for barbecued dishes like barbecue ribs making them healthier. The major issue is to make sure you don’t wipe the nutrients or addition of extra nutrition value.

Barbecue ribs are not as healthy as they may look. Meat contains creatine, and when the meat is cooked the chemical reactions in the meat turns creatine into (HCAs) heterocyclic amines. Studies have shown that This HCA in concentration causes cancer which not be very good news to the meat lovers. Barbecue ribs when cooked for a long period raise the level of HCA.

 Barbecued ribs also contain high amounts of sodium, and a diet with too much of sodium puts you at a higher risk of deadly diseases such as stroke, kidney diseases and at a higher risk of blood pressure. Though the ribs themselves are low in sodium, the increase of sodium content is due to the barbecue sauce added to them. The barbecued ribs contain 67 milligrams in a 3.5 –ounce, but once the barbecue is added to them they sodium reach up to 265 milligrams. Such amounts of sodium can do harm to your body, although in small quantity it aids in maintain fluid balance in one’s body. Sodium is also needed in the supporting of the nerve system.

Barbecue ribs can be healthy because of the nutrients found in them. The ribs are totally a treat considering the calorie content and the high fat. You will also find in the high amounts of protein along minerals and vitamins which can keep one healthier.  The barbecued ribs contain selenium zinc, these help in activating of enzymes. Which helps in supporting metabolism, barbecued ribs in women provide 47 percent of zinc and in men, it provides 37 percent. Barbecue ribs also have B-5 and choline which helps in the functioning of the nervous system.

Barbecue ribs are not safe for everyone, due to its high risk of cancer and the presence of a high amount of sodium in them.

Three Spicy Dishes You Must Try As A Snack In A Restaurant

If you are a fan of spicy foods, you are not alone. There are lots of good options for those looking for spicy but very tasty dishes in their favorite eating spots. The snacks below are great options if you want to spice up your lunch or dinner with hot and flavorsome dishes.

Flavored Tortilla

You are going to see this in many English restaurants and they are favorites for many too. It comes with different flavors as they can go with different types of meals on the menu. If you love to keep your mouth very hot ready for a full meal, you can try these. They are also great to eat alone. One very nice thing about this dish is that it does not run out of flavor.

Deano’s Jalapeño Chips

This spicy dish surely lives up to its high ratings. If you really need something hot and tasty in your system, Jalapeño chips would be a greataddition to your food menu.Jalapeno is quite hot and spicy, which is one of the main ingredients for this delight. Other ingredients include cornstarch, vegetable oil, and salt. However, different restaurants have different levels of spiciness they add when preparing this snack. It is very affordable too.

You can accompany thissnack with a citrusy or sweet beverage, as they go hand in hand.  But you can as well try it with so many other meals.  One great thing about spicy foods is the versatility of food options you have to eat with them.

Sriracha Lentil Chips

Many foodies won’t go to a restaurant to order any spicy food apart from Sriracha Lentil Chips. Sriracha is naturally spicy, so you should be expecting a very spicy outcome from this dish. Apart from its spicy nature, it is quite tasty too. However, the rich and favorable taste of this snack helps a bit to reduce the hot flavor, even though it still maintains that sharp taste. You can try this with different meals on the menu. Interestingly, it’s very cheap.

The above dishes are irresistible for those looking for spicy snack additions to enjoy their favorite meals.

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Best ways to find a nearby restaurant to enjoy eating outdoors

If you are looking for the right restaurant in your area for your outdoor meals, finding the right one should not be too difficult. You know your taste. The only thing left is to find that special restaurant that meets your needs in terms of the type of foods and cuisines that matches your taste. Well, that part is easy too. Here are several ways you can locate the right restaurant in your area to enjoy eating outdoors.

Word of mouth is still effective

You can start by asking around. That’s if you are visiting the place. It is not advisable to look through brochures at the tourist bureau. Surely, no restaurant will write something bad about themselves. Ask people around what their favorite restaurant is.

You will get reply and some will give you reasons why they love that place. You can do the same thing at shops, gas stations, and your hotel. You will get answers including their locations and types of cuisines. You can easily make your choice from their reply.

Online review

These days, you can get virtually any information online. Even small restaurants and cafes now see the need to have their own internet space.  Go to the city’s website and look at their dinning section. Alternatively, you can read reviews of some restaurants within the city. Some of these reviews are unbiased by customers. You can have an idea of what to expect from the restaurant after going through some of their reviews.

Visit sites that provide city guide

Some sites provide travel guide to tourists that includes favorite hotels, restaurants, etc. Look at the top restaurants. You can find out more information about them through the reviews or word of mouth.

Check local newspapers

If going online may too broad, you can get copies of the local newspaper in the area. Some of them should have section for local dinning tips.

Whether you are residing or just visiting a place, there are several ways you can find the right type of restaurant that offers what you need. The best restaurants will always be in the good books of foodies. Ask around and you will get good hints of the best in the area.