Are barbecue ribs healthy for everyone?

Barbecues are meals prepared in a process by which meat is cooked by the smoke using an electric smoker or charcoal smoker. Barbecue being a method of cooking, it does not have a much impact on health purpose. There alternatives for barbecued dishes like barbecue ribs making them healthier. The major issue is to make sure you don’t wipe the nutrients or addition of extra nutrition value.

Barbecue ribs are not as healthy as they may look. Meat contains creatine, and when the meat is cooked the chemical reactions in the meat turns creatine into (HCAs) heterocyclic amines. Studies have shown that This HCA in concentration causes cancer which not be very good news to the meat lovers. Barbecue ribs when cooked for a long period raise the level of HCA.

 Barbecued ribs also contain high amounts of sodium, and a diet with too much of sodium puts you at a higher risk of deadly diseases such as stroke, kidney diseases and at a higher risk of blood pressure. Though the ribs themselves are low in sodium, the increase of sodium content is due to the barbecue sauce added to them. The barbecued ribs contain 67 milligrams in a 3.5 –ounce, but once the barbecue is added to them they sodium reach up to 265 milligrams. Such amounts of sodium can do harm to your body, although in small quantity it aids in maintain fluid balance in one’s body. Sodium is also needed in the supporting of the nerve system.

Barbecue ribs can be healthy because of the nutrients found in them. The ribs are totally a treat considering the calorie content and the high fat. You will also find in the high amounts of protein along minerals and vitamins which can keep one healthier.  The barbecued ribs contain selenium zinc, these help in activating of enzymes. Which helps in supporting metabolism, barbecued ribs in women provide 47 percent of zinc and in men, it provides 37 percent. Barbecue ribs also have B-5 and choline which helps in the functioning of the nervous system.

Barbecue ribs are not safe for everyone, due to its high risk of cancer and the presence of a high amount of sodium in them.